October 31st, 2019 by Vice

Some say that Halloween is a time to spend with friends and go trick or treating. But we say you should stay locked up in your room and experience the ULTIMATE Halloween event in Censored history with amazing prizes and even more amazing goodies! Read carefully on the items that have been released this Halloween!

There are 6 new accessories for a limited time only. These masks will no longer be for sale after November 7th, they are collectors editions and will only be available for the Halloween period. The accessories are permanent so once you purchase one for your collection, it will not expire even after November 7th. But the sale will end and the masks will no longer be available for purchase.

There will be an exclusive costume this Halloween which players can earn by opening Squash. This costume will not be for sale or offered through any others means except for the Squash event. It is rare to acquire and will be an exclusive collectors item for those that enjoy the aesthetics of the costumes. The chance to obtain this costume increases with the quality of the squash. We wish you the best of luck and may the fortunate ones be blessed this Halloween. SPOOOOKY!

Check the INERA store to acquire a free pumpkin transformation stick, no iCoins required! This stick will transform you into a spooky ghost that will give you AMAZING attacks. You’ll be able to 1-shot Baium in no time if you rock this transformation. Be stylish this Halloween and do not forget to claim your transformation stick!

And lastly we have released our very first retail event, the classic Squash event. Remember opening those squash and getting lots of goodies and treats? Well those are back and cooler than ever. Win lots of great prizes and goodies, collect nectar, buy chrono weapons, buy seeds, and grow those squash! Then hope for an EMPEROR squash and bust that vegetable open! Inside you will find a wide variety of items but ULTIMATELY you will want to claim the coveted Halloween costume. We want to remind you that this costume is unique and can only be obtained from the squash event. So we wish you luck, happy hunting, and most of all.