September 7th, 2019 by Vice

It has certainly been a while since we have had the chance to address the community as a whole. That is because we have been very busy structuring the world and making sure that it lives up to the expectations of the players that have selected INERA to be their server. Our goal is to make this a long lasting project with multiple sides to fight for multiple objectives like the good old days on Bartz in the prime of this game. But it is only natural that players have less time to dedicate themselves to Censored, and so we have made accommodations along the way to suit the play style of the general player whilst maintaining a strong competitive nature. We listen to what you have to say and make decisions based on various outlets of conversation.

I encourage everyone to review the features of the server. A lot of questions come up in Discord about features, they are very clearly explained in two specific areas. Whenever a change is made, it is always documented in both of these areas listed below:

1) The Website:

2) The Forum:

There have been a number of changes made during the past few weeks. This is normal, to balance discussions and maintain an equilibrium between the different types of players that exist, whether you are hardcore, casual, donator, or hater, there is always a place for you here. We do not judge nor do we cater to any specific side, we simply outline what is best for the majority of players, and also what is best for the INERA team to maintain its foundation and strong staff; after all, one of our greatest strengths is the dedication of the admins here at INERA, their service simply cannot be matched by any other server out there.

So overall, we want you to sit back and really think about why you chose INERA. There are many servers out there, but ultimately we bring a passion to this game and a transparency between the GM and the players. You always know what is on our minds and we make it crystal clear to you in the forums if any changes are made and often the reasons why. So go out there and tell your friends that there is a server that is for the players that is not like any other, but goes beyond the standard of quality that you may expect. We have a very healthy relationship with the public. Try to recruit those that are skeptical because we want everyone to have a home here.

And rest assured, our online numbers look very good. The registrations are strong, perhaps the strongest from any other season. There has been a lot of closed beta activity and a lot of requests to test the game. There are also a lot of dedicated groups coming to INERA that have spoken to Vice privately, from all over the world and they are ready to play. We will have a good server but we need your help to promote it further. Make sure to tell those that have no home that they should choose INERA, for we are trying to bring the game back to its roots, where players can fight the good fight without any ill intentions.

So expected online count? Vice gets this question a lot. We cannot really say at the moment. But it will be good judging from the accounts. We currently have 2500 master accounts, those are not duplicates like other servers have, but individual accounts, and that number is growing rapidly day by day. With 13 days away, I think our server is showing a lot of promise and certainly many players have chosen to play here.

Let’s make a community that stands strong and lasts long. Whether you’re Greek, Russian, Polish, American; it matters not, we will play together and see which clan reigns supreme.

Thank you.


2500 Master accounts registered + growing!

Make sure to review our features to prepare.

Work together to bring players to INERA.

We launch on September 20 at 18:00 GMT+2.