September 27th, 2019 by Vice

PlayINERA Interactive Events (PIE):
We have been waiting to unleash our event engine on you guys! A long time ago PlayINERA coded a brand new event engine called PIE exclusive to our team which enables full control of events from a GM perspective, including global rewards, winner, loser, and the inclusion of any item or consolation prize. For Vanilla, all participants in our events will receive a 50% XP & SP buff that lasts for 30 minutes. The winner or winners of an event will receive much better rewards. All rewards will be announced prior to an event. And GMS will host events at minimum once a day up to 2x a day but they will not become a regular occurrence and will NEVER be automated. We would like to promote activity between our GM staff and the community.

EVENTS INCLUDE: Bomberman, Deathmatch, Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Simon Says, The Mime, Last Man Standing, and more!

Bloody Weekend
The bloody weekend is a staple for INERA. Every weekend the monsters in the world will drop 15% more ADENA and SEAL STONES. Combine this with the daily reward to gain additional benefits! Be a smart player and gain an edge on others. Play the weekends.

Tier 2 Costume Box
Players seem to love costumes. And you know what so do we! Costumes are a fun cosmetic that does not impact the flow of the game in any way. Support our server if you like these new set of costumes. We will be releasing tier 2 costumes as the following: Butler Costume, Bunny Butler Costume, Hanfu Costume, Jester Costume, and Flower Nymph Costume.