Over the years we've had our share of hiccups, but despite that, time and time over,
We've been asked to create a low-rate world. And we are proud to grant this request.
PlayINERA is back and ready to deliver the most memorable experience.
Our world provides the retail nostalgic gameplay that you remember well.
Except without any bots to ruin the experience or any pay to win policies.
You have an amazing staff of GMs to turn to and they are always there to help.
So what are you waiting for?
Adrenaline Banned 100%
Servers in 2019 are saturated with bot programs and automated scripts. At PlayINERA, we are researching methods to stop botting once and for all. In collaboration with L2Shrine.com, we have created a brand new antibot module which is able to detect all mainstream game automation software, including Adrenaline.

Since our antibot module is exclusive to us, it means that we are able to adjust it as we see fit as well as patch any issues that might arise. Even if a pesky bot manages to bypass our client-side security module, the server is also equipped with a tamper-proof antibot system which monitors the behavior of every single character. Suspicious behavior is logged and readily available for analysis.
"Third Party Software Detected"
Botting destroys the fun for others. Just don't do it.
Gracia Final
Hellbound: Level 1-6
Gracia Epilogue
Hellbound: Level 7-12
Gracia Final and Epilogue
The world begins as Gracia Final and ends as Gracia Epilogue. The Epilogue upgrade will unlock new content and enable casual players to compete for dynasty without having to farm Hellbound. The transitions will transform Hellbound into a hot spot and drop up to x3 ATODS, while other regions like Den of Evil, Primeval, Mithril Mines and Giant's Cave will remain a static 1x.
Hellbound Starts At Zero
Hellbound will start at zero. Players will have the ability to increase the stage of Hellbound by killing monsters in the region. Each monster killed will contribute points towards the current stage of Hellbound, stronger monsters will provide more points than weaker monsters. In contrast to retail, no additional stage conditions are necessary, i.e. no quests or raids. Hellbound's ability to delevel or lose points has also been disabled. To open Hellbound a party must kill Baylor in the Crystal Caverns.
"The best of both chronicles"
Experience a dynamic upgrade while leveling Hellbound.
Hardcore & Casual
Our world was designed to meet your style.
Summary of Features
  • Restricted to 1 main and 2 box: 3 accs per HWID.
  • Offline shops enabled with no restrictions.
  • Autolearn skills disabled.
  • Blue spoil is disabled.
  • Autoloot enabled with on or off option.
  • Macro-reuse bug is disabled.
  • XP freeze enabled with option to turn on/off.
  • Offline buff stores disabled.
  • Buy 1st & 2nd class for adena or iCoins.
  • 3rd Class quest only, quest drop rate x3.
  • Tiat / Ekimus locked until Hellbound Stage 12.
  • Tiat / Ekimus drops will be boosted retail x2.
  • Adventure guide buffs 1 hour & free until 76.
  • Adventure guide buffs cost adena fee after 76.
  • Sweeper festival enabled.
  • Mail system enabled.
  • Global shout (!) restricted until level 20.
  • World shout (=) restricted until level 40.
  • Ancient tome of demon from HB are non-tradeable.
  • Shards of Evil from IoP cannot be exchanged.
"Our features were designed by players"
We've taken our community's suggestions to develop this new world.
This is your World
Carefully structured by players worldwide.
Supplementary Details
  • Weight limit is x1.
  • Fort / Castle epaulette drop rate 1x.
  • Hellbound 0-6, ATOD x1.
  • Hellbound 7-11, ATOD x2.
  • Hellbound 12, ATOD x3.
  • Epilogue Dynasty quests x1.
  • Elements & Enchants drop x1.
  • Cursed swords disabled at start.
  • Sieges, TW, & Forts retail cycles.
  • Seven Signs 100% retail behaviour.
  • Heroes biweekly, 2 week cycle.
  • Oly 3v3 disabled, class only weekends.
  • Oly HWID 1 per signup, 9 reg start.
  • Oly tokens reduced by 1/2 per cycle.
  • Subclass raids, respawn 6 hours, drops reduced.
  • Subclass quest choose Baium or Platinum tribe.
  • Noblesse barakiel 24 hours + 1 hour random.
  • CTRL + LClick CP pots to activate auto use.
  • Players get 1 world shout every 24 hours.
  • Premium get 5 world shout every 24 hours.
  • Warpgate to HB closed until Baylor dies.
"Precision is an important element"
Our philosophy is to listen to the community and deliver quality.
Sieges & Olympiad
The various dates and schedules for important events
Seven Signs
Seven Signs will be 100% retail. The Seven Signs registration period will begin on Monday September 23 at 6:30 GMT+2. For the period between September 20 and September 23, the Catacombs and Necropolis will remain open to the public but players will not be able to register for either Dusk or Dawn until the 23rd of September.
Olympiad Heroes
The Olympiad cycle registration will begin on October 1st, 2019. Olympiad will have 2 cycles on the 1st and 15th of every month, so there will be 2 hero cycles per month.
Sieges & Wars
The first sieges will start on Sunday October 6, 2019. The second siege will begin on October 20, 2019 and the first territory war will begin on Saturday October 19, 2019. From this point forward the Territory Wars and Sieges will occur every Saturday and Sunday every 2 weeks.
"Mark these dates on your calendars"
If you miss these dates, your clan will certainly be unhappy with you!
Raids & Instances
Here's a breakdown of what to expect.
Raiding & Instances
  • Normal Raids: 12h +2h.
  • Queen Ant: 24h +2h.
  • Core: 36h +2h.
  • Orfen: 36h +2h.
  • Baium: 120h +2h.
  • Antharas: 168h +2h.
  • Valakas: 192h +2h.
  • Anakim & Lilith are static 24 hours respawn.
  • Frintezza: 48h +2h, min 4 parties, min 8 players.
  • Tiat: Saturday at 6:30, 18-36 players, 2 hrs max.
  • Ekimus: 24h at 6:30, 18-27 players, 1hr max.
  • Gracia Final will have Zaken as an instance.
  • Zaken (Day): Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30.
  • Zaken (Day): 9 players, LvL 55-65, 1hr max.
  • Zaken (Night): Wednesday at 6:30
  • Zaken (Night): 18-45 players, LvL 55-65, 6hr max.
  • Tully‚Äôs Workshop (Darion & Tully): 24h +-1h.
  • Tower of Naia (Beleth): 5 days, 18 min. & 36 max.
  • Antharas and Baium have been boosted to level 83.
  • Epic zones are PvP zones while raid is alive.
"Raidbosses have slight modifications"
Just enough to give the game a nostalgic feel but in 2019.