September 29th, 2019 by Vice

We really had fun today both on the administration and community side. It was nice to see so many players turn up for the 3 events that were held today: ZOMBIE, BOMBERMAN, and TvT. We know in 2019 there are not as many players kicking around that are willing to invest their time into a private server. But I think our community can rest assured that Vanilla is here to stay and we plan to keep this server growing as other players quickly realize that we hold this game to a whole new standard. Our Vanilla world is the same old game you remember but with a real kick, and we hope our event engine showed you that today. We have a lot more coming, new loot crates, new costumes, new events, and more players.

For those players that are still on the fence, we hope this video will give you some insight into the fun that we have on Vanilla 4X!

Enjoy :)