November 17th, 2019 by Vice

As many are aware, INERA is in it for the long haul, for you to play the chronicles that you love without having a concern for frequent wipes or issues. This means we will focus our attention to areas that need work and do our best to implement features that will work with the dynamics of hosting a Censored server. For starters we have now implemented a Newbie Bonus pack for players that may decide to join PlayINERA and make it their home to play.

The Newbie Bonus pack includes:

-Newbies will receive Rune of EXP 7 days.
-Newbies will receive Rune of SP 7 days.
-Newbies will receive 5 Revita-Pop.
-Newbies will receive 5 Potion of Energy Maintenance.
-Newbies will receive One Random Costume – 48h Expiration.

This will help jump start the new players and allow them to catch up to the more veteran players. The Newbie Pack will be given to any new players that creates an account.