July 8th, 2019 by Vice

So it is now official. I know everyone is excited about the project and we hope that the hype will live up to our name and your expectations. We know that there have been some issues in the past about various structured systems or presentations, but that is exactly why we are going back to the basics. We want to give you the experience that you demand from our developers and the private scene of the Censored world. So without delay, we will be going live on September 20, 2019 at exactly 18:00 GMT+2. This is the time for you to plan and prepare. If you have work, take the day off, if your girlfriend wants to go shopping, cancel, and if you cannot make it, just make it.

Lastly, PlayINERA will be hosting only 1 promotion for the Vanilla launch. Stay tuned this week as we release more information on the subject. Players that participate in the promotion will receive a Legendary starter pack at the start of the season, which cannot be bought or obtained through any other means with the exception of our special promotion. So get charged, get ready, and let’s kick this year off in style.

Your favourite team,