September 11th, 2019 by Vice

PlayINERA has officially decided on the date of our OPEN BETA, starting on Sunday September 15 at 18:00 GMT+2 with an exclusive event that will reward participants with a bonus. Read the rules carefully and make sure to tell your friends about the event! Do not miss this one.

Now then, we present to you our OPEN BETA exclusive event:

1) An NPC named The Judge will spawn in Giran for the first 30 minutes of the OPEN BETA. This NPC will spawn at exactly 18:00 GMT+2 on Sunday September 15th.

2) Interact with this NPC and your master account will be given special privileges to obtain legendary starter pack for all game accounts created.

3) Having spoken to the NPC will allow for all new characters to start with a legendary starter pack on the official launch day on September 20, 2019!

Good luck!