October 20th, 2019 by Vice

We need to continue to push the boundaries. There will be many servers coming forward, and each with their own set of promises and conditions. We take pride in the fact that we do not sell private items or black market goods that can give a major advantage to players that can donate. If you know someone trying to sell items for real money, contact Vice or Ray on Discord, and we will solve the issue for you very quickly. Save a screenshot, we will reward you for exposing these players.

We will be releasing TWO new INERA store items:

Pandora’s Box: Open Pandora to receive a 20% XP/SP/Adena/Seal Stone Bonus to your character for 12 hours. If you remain online, all players worldwide will receive a 15% XP/SP/Adena/Seal Stone bonus by association. This box bless not only you but the entire world as whole.

Combine Talisman Orb: This is a legendary item. Click this orb to combine the remaining mana and duration of all talismans within your inventory. All talismans of the same type will compress into one single high duration talisman for convenience.

Major Changes / Development Work
– The weekend wonders bonus will be canceled as of October 20, 2019.
– A brand new antibot AI system is now under development to work in synergy with our current antibot as final preventative measure. There is no TCD for this project; it is quite complex.
– Current focus of Ray is to address all TW Issues, then Epics / Raids, Laba, Dungeons, Forts, and remaining bugs.
– Sindelia is working on the final Tier IV costume and new accessories to add to the shop; it is a lot of work to add new fully working aesthetics.
– Synerge will begin the coding process for the new Antibot AI.

Thank you for choosing INERA. We appreciate all your support!