October 4th, 2019 by Vice

The final set of costumes will be released tonight. These are tier 3 rare costumes that have the most desirable effect for those that are coveted collectors. They will be released in the form of a Primo Crate which will include Tier 2 and Tier 3 costumes at a 20% chance, similar to the loot crate. In fact, the only difference between the Primo crate and the Loot crate is the type of costumes that you can acquire. The costume box Tier 2 – limited edition – will no longer be available for purchase.

Today we will also update our antibot to beat adrenaline. We’ve acquired a new generator to combat the botting that has been occurring on the server. Yes we heard your complaints and yes we will solve the issue as promised. We had a lot of testing going on in the background with EMCA from CensoredShrine and Ray. Their collaborative efforts have led to a healthy fix for the botting situation and we hope to maintain this ban of bots indefinitely.

This weekend we will be hosting new events. We hope you’ll enjoy some of our funtastic planned events and look forward to the rewards. Remember that sieges are starting so plan accordingly, we do not want to see any sad pandas this weekend. Fight hard, fight fair, and may the best clan be supreme.

That is it from our side. If you have any questions ask in the forum or discord.

Bring your friends, family, and colleagues.

Thank you for choosing INERA.

Costumes Tier 3