September 22nd, 2019 by Vice

We have had some rocky waves with the DDOS attacks but we believe that the trouble is now over. Other servers and administrators know that PlayINERA is a fair and healthy environment. And so we become targets for those that have darker interests in mind. On a more positive note, we would like to congratulate everyone on breaking the 1K unique mark, but this is only the start. We are going to push the envelope and grow this world into something that we can all call home.

This month we will focus on advertisements and bringing fresh new faces to the server. We will be removing TopZone from the vote reward and adding the bonuses as daily selections for those that participate; it will be the same concept, just no vote required. We decided this because too many issues occur with their API and they force users to login using Facebook or other social platforms which many do not agree with. Also, we do not think their platforms are perhaps not as honest as they should be.

So good riddance to TopZone’s vote system!

In the meantime we welcome all new players to try our platform, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

We will resume content and bug fixes as soon as we reach some stability with some of the more pressing issues.

Thank you.