December 7th, 2019 by Vice


The new year is fast approaching and we need to set some resolutions. Some of may know that PlayINERA has been served with a copyright strike by INNOVA on the grounds that our website is responsible for distributing the client and copyrighted content to users for entrepreneurial activities. INNOVA is concerned that we have stripped them from profits that would otherwise be theirs, and this is certainly the case for many servers. But PlayINERA is different; this is not an enterprise for us, this is a hobby. Despite INNOVA’s speculation, the owner of PlayINERA – Vice – has in no way made a profit from your donations, they have been set aside for infrastructure and maintenance. It would be our pleasure to cooperate with INNOVA as we have nothing to fear.

It has been a rocky road and we have been accused of many things by content creators and MMO shills, but one thing that remains true is that we stand our ground as we always have done, regardless of the adversary. The world is a tumultuous place but know one thing, there are many ways to skin a cat, whether we are faced with a DMCA take down or otherwise, we will survive.

Our resolution this year is to keep the smiles on your face and we will do just that. When giants come knocking, we greet them. And should anyone accuse us of being money-driven mongrels, I believe it becomes quite obvious that our love for our community extends past that. Only those with dedication and fervor dance with giants.

When others would run and close their gates, we see no reason to do so. And if they are shut forcibly, we shall persevere forward and reignite the flame.

We wish everyone a blessed holiday and we hope you stand by us.


Gracia Epilogue is right around the corner. The transition will not be instant. There will be a delay period to enable the transition and ensure a smooth migration. Rest assured the update will be processed in a timely fashion and we will follow up the transition with several campaigns to encourage growth. Happy hunting!

– Vice will address the community on the copyright strike in the form of a video relatively soon. Until then, stay tuned.