April 22nd, 2019 by Vice

There is a lot to talk about so here is a quick rundown of Vanilla. The closed beta for Vanilla is now online. It is not polished in any way, so we will be reserving slots for players that understand the current state of the game. The Vanilla world needs a lot of work, as many players know already, when it comes to retail, there is nothing more disappointing than progressive errors or serious bugs, and these may exist – they will get patched, but we need to find them. We do not want our work to become a public debate, as such the closed beta will be private.

Our team has a lot to finish when it comes to the structure of the world and we’ll need to support of talented players to guide us. Vice will be preparing a list for the developers to complete by the end of May. As of now we do not know when the launch will be; it’s very hard to define such a date. We simply do not know where we stand in terms of progress. Our team will have a better understanding of the Vanilla status throughout the close beta.

So if you’d like to join the closed beta, contact Vice on Discord.

Thank you.