November 9th, 2019 by Vice

We have released two brand new crates to the INERA store. These crates will be available for purchase as of November 09, 2019. Use them wisely and, as always, they will follow in the footsteps of other release items to maintain a good balance between the rewards:

Builder Box: Open this crate and for 60 seconds the entire world’s craft rate will increase by 10%. Once opened, every player in the world that crafts within the 60 second window will receive a 10% higher chance to successfully complete the item. But be careful, the duration is only 60 seconds, craft too late or if you are not ready, you will miss the opportunity.

Nature Box: Open this crate to increase your chance of dropping element stones by 30% for 6 hours. Players worldwide will receive a complementary bonus of 15% if the player that opens the box remains online. This item will go on sale for the 1st week of its release.

We have redesigned the box icons on the right hand side of the client to help distinguish between the new items available on the INERA store. You’ll not be able to see an icon for each type of box: pandora, builder, and nature. Keep an eye out for that builder box! Hopefully you’ll catch the craft window.