April 15th, 2019 by Vice

So we are certain everyone is excited about the upcoming beta, or at least those that lurk our forums in anticipation of a pending release. The autopatcher is giving us some issues as we try to compress the entire client into one single large update. Once we find a solution to the patcher, we will immediately release the closed beta for the community to test. A lot of new AI and retail scripts were added to our CensoredJ platform, which will transform our files into a hybrid of CensoredJ and OFF. We’re not exactly sure what to call it, but regardless the files will need some testing which will include all quests and progressive milestones. For the most part, the world should be very stable.

Our team is very excited to unveil this new world. There are a few assurances with choosing INERA as your private server. For one, our community knows that we are actively involved with the development process, but more importantly our donation system is very fair and balanced. We are pleased to announce that our signature selection of costume boxes will be available yet again. Moreover, iCoins are shared between the Revamped and Vanilla world, so any leftover coins from last season will also work on the Vanilla launch. There will be more exciting announcements but for now rest easy and know the beta is right around the corner.