September 19th, 2019 by Vice

Here is what you must do. First, do not wait until the last minute to test that the game is working. The administration will have many issues to solve on September 20, 2019, so do not expect us to cater to your Windows problems or other software related issues. Second, prepare all your downloads today, do not wait because you never know if the server will go down or your download speed might not be as fast as you think. Third, do not mess with the client too much unless you are confident, we have structured it like this to prevent as many errors as possible.

Follow these instructions if you have not already done so:

1) Download the game and do not TINKER with the files:
2) Click either the 1st or 2nd button, choose the option that has a faster download for you.
3) Click the third option, it will bring you to your account panel, click the “Sign in using forum account” button.
4) If you have a forum account you will be brought to your dashboard, if not, you will need to create one and then you will see the dashboard.
5) Click “Create Game Account” to start making game accounts, enter username and password, use those credentials to login to the game.

Do not wait for anything. Start now, prepare yourselves, and good luck!