October 12th, 2019 by Vice

A lot of players are always on the fence about joining a low rate server. This is normal; it is a big investment and so many servers close down without reason only to reopen again. At INERA, we’ve finally found the winning formula. We love our Vanilla server and its community. We love our events and the clan leaders that drive the server. We love assisting those in need and developing new content to make our world that much better.

The population on INERA is great, the community is fantastic, and most of all the administration is simply the best. You cannot find admins like Ray or Sindelia in 2019, GMs that actually care about your well being. You will not GMs that run events every weekend consistently with a unique engine that is exclusive to PlayINERA. You will not find the quality of work anywhere else, whether you’re running OFF or otherwise, our admins are always on top of bugs and reports.

These are the small things that set us all apart. If you think otherwise, speak up in the forums. But ultimately, the care and dedication of a server is what should form your opinion.

So if you’re new and wondering whether to join, check out our Bomberman video below. Check out our full Youtube collection!

We have some great footage.

Bomberman: This is an exclusive fun event to PlayINERA. You will not find this anywhere else.