April 9th, 2019 by Vice

-Removed Giran spawns from the Resurgence project.
-Disabled Lahm auto spawn, it will work as per retail via the Crystal Caverns instances.
-Disabled NPC ‘Katarina’ clan hall exclusive.
-Disabled Ability tree.
-Disabled Blood Pool UI.
-Disabled Scheme Buffer.
-Disabled Blood Price (we shall miss this feature).
-Disabled Karma UI.
-Disabled Blood Stones & Reputation boxes drop.
-Reverted Karma to retail values.
-Disabled INERA Tutorial on Enterworld (for now).
-Reverted start level of Conquer the Hall of Erosion and Defend the Hall of Erosion from 75 to 80 as per Gracia Final.
-Replaced Shillen’s Priest Hisilrome with Hekaton Prime as per Gracia Final on quest line 508 The Clans Reputation.
-Retail spawns for Den of Evil, Stakato Nest, Field of Silence, Field of Whispers, Forge of the Gods, Primeval Isle, Mithril Mines, Crypts of Disgrace, Giant’s Cave as per Gracia Final.
-Adjusted Raid Boss spawns to match retail
-Adjusted Treasure Chest spawns to match retail