March 23rd, 2023 by Sindelia

-Moved Bug Report system into Discord.
-Adjusted Priest of Dawn & Priest of Dusk dialogues to match our features.
-Decreased respawn time of Pagan’s Temple entrance monsters to match the rest.
-Fix for Bomberman event Queen Ant visual spawn instead of a custom powerup.
-A Special pop up message will appear informing players regarding Last Day for Olympiad games (14 & Last day of current month)
-Added on-screen message for Spoil activation.

Farm Only buffer
-Added Adventurers’ Guide into Newbie villages.
-Integrated Farm Only buffs option into Adventurers’ Guide npcs that located into every town.
-Added ‘Farm Only buffer’ title into Adventurers’ Guide.
-Fix for Kamaels before 1st class transfer not counting as Hybrids, now they will receive both Mage and Fighter buffs.

Hunting Zones
-Changed Garden of Eva’s doors opening time from 5 to 2 + 30(random) minutes.