December 20th, 2019 by Vice

-Upgrade to Gracia Epilogue from Gracia Final.

-Fixed XP Freeze, will no longer consume Vitality while enabled.
-Fix Trickster enchanted traps not working.
-Fix SoI Tumors & Hall Alarm Device should be immune to Lethal attacks.
-Added pomanders reward for Gracia Final 3rd classes.
-Added option into npc Kahman, players can now exchange Gracia final’s fangs with materials.
-Added missing location name on Clan hall teleporters.
-Fix for “No FString found” on npc Kahman.
-Fix for players falling into catacombs while passing a cliff.
-Stigma of shilien can now be used without CTRL on sieges.
-Adjusted Valakas skills based on retail data.
-Players will be able to use Non-Offensive skills into Olympiad Host as per retail.
-Fixed Rim Pailaka Fortress/Castle as previously was on Gracia final (stats-wise).
-Pandora’s pop ups will not appear for Olympiad participants or Olympiad Observers.
-Fix for various issues/exploits regarding Olympiad registered players, they will no longer being counted as ‘Event’ players.
-Improvements on player pathfinding should fix strange behaviour while trying to attack a monster that happened from time to time.
-Fix for ‘You have been playing for an extended period of time. Please consider taking a break.’ should be every hour from now.
-Fixed ‘Fake Death’ now players will be able to attack, buff, debuff as per retail.
-Synchronized server time.

-Adjusted A Powerful Primeval Creature recipe list for GF.

Grand Raids
-Grand bosses will no longer return back to spawn.
-Grand bosses will no longer remove hate from dead players.
-Antharas & Valakas will go into enraged mode while below 50% HP.
-Fix for Valakas Fear spam.