October 31st, 2020 by Sindelia

– An issue where the Bomberman event leaderboards would not calculate points correctly has been fixed. From now on, a point is earned when a player’s bomb kills another player.
– The World Chat usage allowance for non-Premium Account holders has been increased to 10. Premium Account holders’ allowance has been increased to 20.
– An issue where occasionally, the Skill Learn UI would display duplicate skills has been fixed.
– The ‘Adena ranking’ will no longer be displayed as it displayed misleading information. The ranking took into account Adena exchanges between players (trade/sale).
– Addition of ‘Weapon Appearance Restoration Stones’ to all grocer NPCs.

– An issue where the Hot Springs Lure would not work even when the Fishing Expertise skill was above level 20 has been fixed.
– The academy-only equipment restriction from Clan Oath armor has been removed.

– The chance for a lethal hit for the skill Banish Undead has been increased to match retail.