November 14th, 2020 by Sindelia

– The Halloween Bonanza event has ended. All event-related items and buffs have been deleted.
– An issue where players were unable to return to town from within the Dimensional Rift has been fixed.
– An issue where some monsters located in Antharas’ Lair would return a ‘Cannot see target’ message when attempting an attack has been fixed.
– Fixed Nornil’s Cave invalid water zone.
– An issue where aggro was no removed from Raid Minions even after a player restarting, resulting in Raid Curse has been fixed.
– An issue where the ‘water task’ (breath gauge) was not activated following a resurrection or restart has been fixed.
– From now on the Grand Olympiad start/end messages will no longer appear while registration is disabled.
– The magical critical rate of monsters been reduced.
– Addition of the missing monster transformations and NPC dialogues while transforming: Ol Mahum Transcender, Cave Ant & Cave Ant Larva.

– An issue where the text on the Latest News on the INERA Hub would overflow has been fixed.
– From now on, when the vote reward has been received, the Vote Reward button will be dismissed on all clients active on the same PC.
– An issue where the Group Chance displayed on the Droplist would occasionally exceed 100% has been fixed