December 18th, 2020 by Sindelia

– The Gracia Epilogue update has been applied to both the server and the client
– Various geodata improvements
– An issue where during a Couple Action, the character’s weapon was not hidden was not hidden has been fixed
– From now on, a firework effect will be displayed when using the High Five Couple Action
– An issue where summons that had expired would occasionally consume crystals has been fixed
– An issue where the UI would not be restored following participation in the Mario Kart event has been fixed

Hunting Zones
– The monster spawnlist for the Pagan’s Temple has been adjusted to match retail
– An issue where some monsters within the Pagan’s Temple were not part of a ‘monster clan’ has been fixed
– From now on, Triol’s Layperson will no longer teleport back to his spawn location after being locked out of a temple room
– An issue where the hot springs in Hot Springs would not remove the Hot Springs Malaria and Hot Springs Cholera debuffs has been fixed

– An Arrogant Search: the drop chance for Blood Fabric has been increased

– A rare issue where karma would not be cleared after a Cursed Weapon was disarmed has been fixed
– From now on, after each kill while wielding a Cursed Weapon a message with the item’s remaining lifetime will be displayed