May 27th, 2023 by Sindelia

-Enabled Weddings, find Andromeda near Giran GK for more info.
-Vote reward window will auto close after 10 seconds.
-Fix for effects not fully removed while using ALT + Click after Farm Only d/s ALT + Click addition.
-Addition of alternative (quicker) commands for /invite or /inv, /dismiss or /kick, /olympiadstat or /olystat, /changepartyleader or /changeptldr
-Disabled Hero skills on transforms as per retail testing.

Hellbound Tower of Infinitum
-Adjusted a bit chances for Floor change.
-Fix for teleporting into the same floor while while in zero level.

-INERA Bot will announce on discord when a game begins, delay applies to avoid spam.
-Inera Bot will announce Last day of olympiad games.

-Fix for Raid boss ‘Abyss Brukunt’ minions will spread as they should on spawn.
-Fix for Raid boss ‘Nellis’ Vengeful Spirit’ minions will spread as they should on spawn.
-A lot of fixes for Treasure Chests.

-Added Retail 8 sec cooldown for ‘Deluxe Chest Key’.
-Added a custom message (Retail missing one) for Talismans. (There is not enough Talisman’s Remaining Mana for use.)
-Addition of ‘Salvation bow’ (Love bow) into Milestone Reward shop.

-Weekend Wonders: Increased the chance for Full Vitality but added a 12-hour cooldown.

-Fix for Territory Jewels showing noskillname on passive skills.