October 3rd, 2020 by Sindelia

Hello everyone,

Following the success of our Vanilla project, we decided to launch it again with various quality-of-life of changes and a lot of old issues fixed.

The main issue nowadays is botting along with its side effects (i.e.: RMT, Adena sellers etc.). As a lot of you may know we are using our own anti-bot module since most 3rd-party anti-bot solutions are not to be trusted, especially when it comes to user privacy.

Due to @Vice retiring from PlayINERA, we decided to introduce a new member to the PlayINERA team, @Shadow, our dedicated bot hunter. He will always be there to swing the banhammer!

Current Features *Not Final* -> http://vanilla.playinera.com/features/

Launch date: 23 October 2020, 20:00 GMT +3

We would be glad to see familiar faces again as well as welcome new ones!