August 6th, 2019 by Vice

-Implemented Retail Shadai AI.
-Fix for TW date now it will properly sync with Seven Signs.
-Fix for iCoins not applied in game.
-Fixed an issue causing MAP showing incorrectly game time.
-Command /time will also include server’s current Date & Time.
-Fix for Learn skills page SP not updating after learning a skill.
-Adjusted all skills SP Costs to retail GF values.
-Fix for Tower of Naia invisible wall.
-Fix for invisible obstacle causing movement issues on PI Wharf
-Support for Legendary pack.
-Addition of missing monsters into Isle of Prayer area.
-Fix for scroll of escape on Kamael Village areas, now players will be teleported to the correct village.
-Fix for players Shortcuts(key bindings), now they will load/save properly.
-Fix for Incoming donations master account support.
-Fix for Festival AI’s that got replaced by the retail ones.
-Addition of Monsters & Raids stats multiplier.
-Increased Protection for Seven Signs.
-Fix for Festival guide not responding on Register Score.

Seven Signs

-Fixed Seven Signs [Seal of Avarice,Gnosis & Strife] with retail dialogues.
-Fixed Seven Signs [Rewards and Benefits for Winning the Seven Signs] with retail dialogues
-Adjusted Record of Seven Signs calculations & added missing message on projection.
-Synchronized Projection -> Seal of Status and Seven Signs calculation percentage.
-Fixed Festival Guide Return to village option, now it will return players back to the town they entered.
-Players not registered on Seven signs will not be able to enter inside catacombs/necropolis.
-Players registered on Losing side will not be able to enter inside catacombs/necropolis.
-Players entering Catacombs/Necropolis without the proper requirements will be teleported outside as per retail.

-Fixed Quest ‘Path To Oracle’ showing invalid dialogue while spawning Quest monster ‘Tamil’.
-Improvements on Shadai AI.
-Increased the Chance and Amount x2 for Quest A Game Of Cards & Quest Seductive Whispers.
-Fix for Tutorial quest Radar destination Arrow not applied in some cases.

Territory Wars
-Fix for Quests not clearing upon starting/ending.

-Fixed ‘Aura Flash’ Remove target behavior vs monsters.
-Fixed ‘Full Swing’ skill range retail like.
-Fixed an issue causing Transformation Aura Bird not able to Dispel.
-Fix an issue for Augment Chance skills not working.