August 27th, 2019 by Vice

-Fix for Pole exploit on low level Raid bosses.
-Fix an issue causing Auxiliary stones to be consumed without applied on the Enchant window.
-Replaced 20_23 with a fix, Trial of the challenger cave should be easier to enter now.
-Disabled Pomanders for Gracia Final.
-Adjusted Chimera’s skills & cast time based on retail.
-Fixed Karma Formula on Kill & Death based on retail.
-Fixed an issue causing decreased landing rate on monsters.
-Added missing teleport location ‘Skyshadow Meadow’ to Oren gatekeeper.
-Fully disabled Airships, all AirShip controllers replaced with ‘Lionel Trasmitter’ that will allow the free teleportation along Gracia Continent.
-Fixed an issue causing ‘Unlock’ skill not able to be used on Treasure Chests.
-Enable Costume Regambing feature, Option Blood stone is free for BETA.
-Fix for pets/summons able to use single target skills on Master.
-Fix for Client Limit protection.

-Adjusted Siege Guards multiplier.
-Fixed Grand boss stats to match retail.

-Cardinals can learn Major Heal up to 11 level.

Seven Signs
-While Seven signs Winner is Dawn or Dusk a Seal cannot owned by opposite side, returns None.
-Added Retail Dawn & Dusk messages while period is on Initialization/Calculating statistics
-Adjusted Catacombs & Necropolis teleporters to retail.

-Addition of time limit Costumes – 48 Hour Expiration period.
-Implemented Legendary Starter Pack.
-Adjusted Loot Crate for Vanilla.
-Addition of Escape Coin & Devil’s Coin.
-Adjusted Knight’s Epaulette min/max count to match GF.

-Class specific matches are available only on Weekends.