September 6th, 2019 by Vice

– Added Retail Magic resist formula.
– Fortified server’s infrastructure.
– Fixed to not allow pickup during trade as per retail.
– Added retail system message on pickup/use item while trading.
– Adjusted Summon stats/skills to match retail.
– Global(!) will be available for 20+ level players.
– World Chat (=) will be available for 40+ level players(Excludes Premium Accounts & World Chat token users).
– Fixed an issue causing World Chat(=) to work from Clan Chat Channels etc.
– Replaced Revamped Shadow no-grade armors with the retail ones.
– Disabled Tiat & Ekimus until Hellbound level 12 as per features. The NPCS will inform you of blocked entry.
– Adjusted Instances limits as per features page.
– Moved Beauty Shop near Church / Gateekeper.
– PvP skills such as Trance, Bluff and general debuffs will return ‘Invalid Target’ for NPCs/Guards as per retail.
– Fix for Improved pets ‘Invalid Target’ message while trying to buff the owner.
– Disabled Solo Kamaloka (GE Feature)
– Fix for INERA Store Quantity limit, it should not apply on stackable items.
– Added missing monsters outside Kamael Village.

– Fix for Pet buff skills cast on owner.
– Fixed ‘Turn Undead’ & ‘Banish Undead’ to match retail.
– Fix for ‘Arcane Wisdom’ not consuming MP at first use.
– Fixed ‘Detection’ retail like.

– Changed Hellbound to match server features.
– Hellbound level 0-6, ATOD x1.
– Hellbound level 7-11, ATOD x2.
– Hellbound level 12, ATOD x3.
– Fixed Warpgate retail like.
Hellbound warpgate will be closed until Baylor dies as per retail.

– Adjusted ‘Silk Of Tarantula’ to retail it will not require Ring of Racoon or Ring of Firefly anymore.

– Disabled Spawn announcement.
– Adjusted all Raid Bosses to match server features.
– Adjusted Zaken Nightmare stats to retail.

– Reduced Olympiad Token by 1/2 to match half duration of each period.

– Loot Crate’s rune of XP & SP have been packaged to enable trading.
– Seeds of Evil – Shards will not be tradeable as per retail.
– Adjusted Loot Crate tradeable items according to features.