September 13th, 2019 by Vice

– Enabled INERA Tutorial.
– Fixed an issue causing Trigger skills like ‘Weak Constitution’ not starting effect while a monsters is being hitted.
– The INERA Hub is nearly completed. The Dashboard has been finalised. The Services tab is functional with only a few services missing.
– Fixed TW time.
– Rounded Olympiad Cycle end time.
– Fixed Class based Open/Closed based on Weekends.
– Fix for parties getting all bonuses even if their members are far away
– Xp and Sp Bonuses are no longer calculated on the party. They are individual applied after each value calculation
– Cubic summoning should not stop when the cubic limit is reached. Instead, it should replace the oldest cubic with a new one
– Remove cubics when logging out
– Fix for stats not recovering at level up in some cases.
– Fix for Pet Rename and added protection.
– Fixed an issue that could result into broken Attribute window (not able to re-open it)
– The adventure guide buffs will cost past 76 will be 50% of base cost for summons.
– Cocktails will apply on summons too.
– Fixed IoP Chromatic, monsters will not spawn Witch Warder penalty mobs while in party as per retail.
– Lethal Strike/half kill should not work on some type of monsters.
– Fix Attack stance while player is being hitted.
– Adjusted Fruit Cocktails to not tradeable/sellable etc.
– Addition of Open Beta event.

– Fixed ‘Trader Owaki’ Trade Common Items for Fighters option.
– Adjusted Treasure Chests droplist into GF.
– Adjusted PI droplist into GF.

– Removed Rune of EXP/SP from Loot Crate.

– Increased active chance for Corpse Burst, Dark Detonation & Ice Focus based on retail.
– Adjusted ‘Steal Divinity’ to GF.
– Applied Retail Heal formula.
– Adjusted ‘Meteor’ to GF.
– Adjusted ‘Rush Impact’ Chance to GF.

-Enabled 15% XP/SP bonus.

– Adjusted Arrogant Search & the Clan’s Prestige into GF.
– Adjusted Ghosts Of Batur into GF.
– Adjusted Forsaken plains into GF.
– Adjusted ‘Pursuit Clan Ambition’ into GF.
– Fixed ‘Into The Flame’ not able to Complete it due to multiplier.

– Fix for confidence % in hub