September 15th, 2019 by Vice

– Fixed Swimming movement, Entering/Leaving from Catacombs should be better now.
– Final fix for percentage of Hellbound for Inera HUB.
– An issue where the Class Transfer services would give out the wrong Shadow Exchange Coupons has been fixed

– Removed Maid & Anakim 48h period from Legendary Starter Pack.

– Added Retail Affect rage; for limiting how many targets each skill will hit as per retail.
– Adjusted ‘Hell Scream’ into GF.
– Final fix for ‘Rush Impact’ formula radius issue.

– Adjusted ‘In The Name Of Evil Part 1’ into GF.
– Adjusted Chances & Drop count for:
– Sea of Spores Fever.
– Sweetest Venom.
– Heart In Search Of Power.
– Necromancers Request.
– Test Of Sagittarius.
– Test Of Summoner.
– Path To Orc Raider.

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