September 22nd, 2019 by Vice

– Vote reward has been changed to a daily reward, no vote required.

– Fixed Game time controller, now Day & Night mobs will spawn correctly.
– Increased Swimming speed by 50%.
– Now players will be able to get out of water more easily.
– Removed Open Beta Giran spawn.
– Fix for Premium Loner pack +2 clients.
– Fixed Newbie Guide Teleports.
– Changed Location of Isle of Prayer teleport.
– Pets will continue their follow after owner resurrected.
– Added Experimental fix (For zones like Cemetery etc).
– Fixed an issue causing players to have client delay while spamming attack on monsters.
– Fix for incomplete Character deletion
– Removed ‘Enriched Pet Food For Wolves’ from Pet managers, our current system do not support it.
– Adjusted Pet Manager’s ‘Exchange pet equipment for higher-grade one’ List into GF.
– Adjusted ‘Great Wolf Scale Armor’ to the correct price.
– iCoin & Premium Coupon will not be able to used while in trade or Store.
– Applied Retail Attack reuse for bows.
– Fix for FoG AI, now monsters will move correctly.
– Added delay for all iCoin transactions.
– Fix for Adiantum monster inside Pailaka.
– Fix for Pet name max characters.

– Fixed Cancel <-> Invulnerable <-> Medusa/Turn Stone Retail like.
– Fixed an issue where Resist of Fire etc was returned after Surrender debuff ended.
– Retail behavior for BLOCK WW/Shield.
– Fixed Surrenders based on GF pts.
– Fix for vampiric rage that cannot heal for more damage than the actual target’s hp.
– Fix for ‘Detect Weakness’ skills to 30% as per skill description.
– Added support for new Vote buffs.

– Increased drop chance for Pursuit Clan Ambition by 50~100%.
– Increased chances for ‘Test Of War spirit’
– Fix for ‘Path To Orc Raider’

– Added FoG Retail GF AI.
– Added missing monsters into Kamael Area.
– Increased Monsters spawn count into Cruma Tower area.
– Removed Experience reward from ‘Chromatic Crystalline Golem’ inside Dark Cloud Mansion to avoid exploits.
– Raid bosses Minion timers adjust to retail.