October 17th, 2019 by Vice

– It is now possible to upgrade a Premium Account subscription from Standard or Friendship to Loner up to one day prior to its expiration. NOTE: Upgrading to a Loner subscription will not provide you with Premium Coupons as opposed to subscribing to the Loner subscription.

-While INERA Events, Castles Sieges & TW is in progress Olympiad registration will be temporarily disabled.

– Adjusted ‘The Zero Hour’.
– Adjusted White & Black seeds drop from Crystal Caverns.
– Fixed ‘Fates Whisper’ now Platinums will reward too, added mob list as per retail.
– Players will be able to switch From Pipette Knife to White Cloths by talking again to Kaspar.

– Fix for Offline shops not Restore vitality upon login.
– Improvements on Loner pack +2 client support.
– Players leaving Olympiad observe mode will get Event Button if event is active.
– Event Button & UI will force close during Event Start/stop.
– Changed Events buffs to Basic ones.
– Fix for summons buffs not removed after event.
– Fix for Party window not updating team members stats after resurrection.
– Fix for ‘Swamp Fortress’ Main machine issue.

– Adjusted ‘The King’ stats
– Added new skills to the King -> King Hide, Venom Sonic Storm[Mass skill].
– Fix for King not properly healed when event starts.
– Changed Resurrection to 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and MAX 60 seconds based on number of deaths.

– Fix for players drop party after Resurrection.

– Changed Resurrection to 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and MAX 60 seconds based on number of eaths.

Simon Says & The Mime
– Changed Initital countdown to 60 seconds to give players time for slower machines.

– Addition of ‘Combine Talisman Orb’, Unlimited uses of Combine talisman feature.

– Fix for ‘Soul Breaking Arrow’ will now interrupt properly Frintezza’s songs.