October 20th, 2019 by Vice

Major Changes
– Ancient Tome of the Demon (ATOD) are no more tradeable as per retail, also Hellbound monsters will drop it on the ground.

– Added save for Intent/Recruitment.
– Fix for max clients per hwid check when having a premium bonus for max clients
– Development for Pandora’s Box complete.

-Fix for Fate’s of whisper not a party quest due to last update missing value.

-Fix for World crate skill bonus.

– New zones for Capture the Flag, Save the King, Team Vs Team & Zombie.
– Disabled Costumes inside Events.
– Added ‘Song of Wind’ & ‘Noblesse blessing’ for events.
– Disabled falling damage inside Events.
– Fix for flag not appearing when return to base.

Crystal Caverns
-Changed ‘Secret Key’ amount of reward to 4.

Raid Bosses
– Adjusted Lilith & Anakim spawn time as per features.
– Fix for Plague Golem spawn location.