October 24th, 2019 by Vice

Pandora’s Box
– Added delay on Enter/logout message to avoid spam & general fixes.
– Reduced from 1000 iCoins to 250 iCoins.

Siege Clan Halls
– Moved Day to Friday as per retail.

Cursed Swords
– Enabled Cursed weapons.
– Removed Revamped Thirst from them.

– Fix Monster ‘Decrease Speed’ (Slow) chance based on retail (FoG area – Chance decreased)

– An issue where it was impossible to withdraw from the clan recruitment waiting list has been fixed.
– It is no longer possible to submit multiple clan entry applications via the Clan List.
– From now on, if a player has an active clan entry application, they will be able to view it by clicking on the ‘My Application’ button.

– Fix for flag not showing correctly.
– Significantly boosted stats of the Kings.