November 9th, 2019 by Vice

Inera Store
– Added Nature’s Box.
– Added Builder’s Box.

– Fix for ‘Gate Chant’ & ‘Summon Friend’ range of summoned players.

– Fix for Save the King UI closing after death.

Territory WarsFour Sepulchers
– Fix possibly exploit with key.
– Party members leaving/expelled from party will be kicked out.
– Fix for monsters Petrification now it will be unable to Purify etc.

-Fix for Cubics not working properly on PvP, Chances adjusted too.

– Fixed Looting rights (Failed to pick up) for Raid bosses, 5 minute penalty will apply for non-owners.
– An issue where some item HTML dialogues were in Russian has been fixed

– Fix for Water Dragon Detractor respawn issue.

– From now on, it is no longer possible to view the droplist of Treasure Chests. This is done to avoid players finding out whether a chest is an actual chest or a mimic.
– The AI of Treasure Chests and Mimic Treasure Chests has been adjusted to match retail.
– The ‘Skill Transfer’ dialogue option has been removed from skill trainer NPCs

– An issue where the King Bugbear monsters would not spawn as part of the Test of the Maestro quest has been fixed.
– An issue where Nikola would not remove Parman’s Letter from the players quest inventory as part of the Testimony of Prosperity quest has been fixed.

-Added Manor protection.

UI Droplist
-Added Chance & Group Chance into Droplist.

– Fixed Adventurer Wind Walk’s incorrect skill description.
– Fixed NPC Hold’s incorrect skill name & description on higher levels.
– Masterwork Imperial Crusader Shield passive skill description.
– The Droplist window has been adjusted to include the chances of each drop group. In addition, the real chance (i.e.: group chance * item drop chance) is displayed next to each individual item’s drop chance.
– The Soul Crystal information tooltip on the Droplist window has been adjusted to reflect correct information.
The server date & time have been removed from the INERA Hub in order to avoid further confusion.