November 17th, 2019 by Vice

-From now on players will be able to request trade while in combat.
-Fix for Looting rights not always calculating party damage etc.

-Now upon death will spawn two chests on of the includes Baylor’s earring into droplist.
-Fix for Minions at start not running into circle.
-General fixes on AI.
-Chest that spawn after Baylor’s death should not move.

Raid Curse
-High level Players attacking with a skill a player attacking a Raid boss will cause Raid Silence.
-Any attack on Raidboss will cause petrify.

Grand Raids
-AQ & Orfen will decay after 5 minutes.

Newbie Bonus
-Added Newbie Level-Up pack for new character creations.
-Newbies will receive Rune of EXP 7 days.
-Newbies will receive Rune of SP 7 days.
-Newbies will receive 5 Revita-Pop.
-Newbies will receive 5 Potion of Energy Maintenance.
-Newbies will receive One Random Costume – 48h Expiration.

Pandora’s Box
-Pandora’s box changed from 12 hours to 6.
-Cost of Pandora’s Box will be reduced in cost on next patch.