April 2nd, 2023 by Sindelia

-Enabled 3rd class transfer service as per features (Available only for classes that have already entered Hall Of Fame)
-Inviting in party a player that is in ‘Offline Vitality regen mode’ will return a message ‘This person is in offline Vitality Regen bonus mode.’

-[QoL] Added ‘Rune Town Square’ teleport for Arisha and Stanislava (Rune Castle Town Gateekepers)

Farm Only buffer
-Players will be able to remove Farm Only Dance and Songs with ALT + Click.
-Added ‘Cancel Farm Only buffs’ option into Adventurer’s Guide.
-Hitting a player into an Epic PvP zone will only remove Farm Only buffs (in rare cases it removed random buffs).

-Fix for strict ‘Cannot see target’ in areas with a lot of obstacles, it might help in corners too.
-Falling from cliffs should be a lot better now, close to Retail instant fix. (Falling from cliffs is Client side MAP error that was fixed on later Chronicles)
-Fix for Swimming issues.