April 13th, 2023 by Sindelia

-Disabled Falling damage & Improved falling from cliffs.

-Added missing ‘Researcher Keplon’ & ‘Dimensional Vortex 1’ into Tower of Insolence 1st floor.
-Fixed a protection causing players not able to speak into ‘Researcher Keplon’ npc.

-Adjusted a bit ‘Vote Reward Chest’ reward chances.
-Nature’s Box is now available in INERA Store.
-Event Reward Pouch will expire in 4 Hours instead of 1-Hour also added +3% Raid Drop rate!
-Enabled Cursed weapons.

-All buffs inside the Events will last for 10 minutes.
-Mario Kart event will announce the Winner / 1st position racer to everyone.
-Save the King event will rewarding participating players even if it ends a tie.

-Fix for ‘Raids Killed’ counting x2 while a pet is active.