April 20th, 2023 by Sindelia

-Clan member online status will be updated when a players sets Offline shop / Offline Vitality Regen mode.
-Fix for rare critical error / client stuck upon login (usually by using restart function).

-Changed ‘Battle 1 vs 1 general’ minimum requirement for a match to start from 9 to 5 players.

-Newbie / Returning Hero event enabled! Not logged in since April 1st or Created your Character after 10th of April? Upon login you will receive Rune XP/SP 50% for 5 days, 1 Revita-Pop, 2 Vitality maintain potion and 10-Days Armors, Jewels, Weapons (D~B Grade).

-Fix for Daily Coin.
-Fixed Spoil Rate for Enchant Scrolls (from x0.5 to x1).